Some of my latest work

With a very clean, modern and compelling design, this website features a full screen slideshow on the homepage.Continue Reading
A website full of motion. With auto-play video background, animated images and text, an animated logos carousel, animated menu links etc.Continue Reading
A functional website with a corporate design style. Small details like 3D shadows give a modern touch.Continue Reading
A beautiful Online Shop that features a sophisticated system that switches the payment currency according to the user’s geolocation.Continue Reading
This website features an impressive landing page with a full screen autoplay video background and an eye catching portfolio with an animated category filter.Continue Reading
An innovative website featuring an online chat system, multi-section landing page, modern overlay menu and autoplay video background.Continue Reading
A very clean and minimalistic website, featuring a large slide-show on the homepage.Continue Reading
A very mobile friendly website, featuring an impressive autoplay fullscreen video on the desktop landing-page.Continue Reading
An online portfolio to show Tom Hewett’s wedding photos & videos. The website features a full width autoplay video background.Continue Reading
An elegant website that highlights the features of GPS’s products. With a focus on the user experience, the design makes it easy to access all the product information.Continue Reading
This modern website features a full screen teaser landing-page and an amazing slider to show Khaled’s best work.Continue Reading
A website with a real “Wow factor”. It features a scrolling animation for the main page and an amazing hero video on the landing page.Continue Reading
Designed to organize and show Eduardo’s academic achievements in a modern and elegant way, featuring a system that allows Eduardo to update his website himself.Continue Reading
An online shop featuring the best eCommerce system on the market, that gives the client full control of his business.Continue Reading
A very modern one-page website with an amazing full screen auto-play video in the desktop version.Continue Reading
Inspired by the Amazon and the idea of sustainability,  this is a 100% responsive website with layered slides and a video gallery.Continue Reading
Designed to organize and show Joseph’s academic achievements in a very clean and modern way, featuring a system that allows Joseph to update his website himself.Continue Reading
A website that tells Martin’s story. It organises and makes available all Martin’s content in a minimalist and modern way.Continue Reading
A website that features a few integrated systems that restrict access to a “members only” area. It sells subscriptions through e-commerce, has a private forum and more!Continue Reading
A very minimalist and elegant website, mostly black & white, focusing on highlighting Tiago’s work.Continue Reading
This website follows Google’s Material Design guidelines. It is a visual language that synthesises classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology.Continue Reading
A minimalistic website that organises all the information for Roger Gracie Affiliate Academies. This website is exclusive for members of the RGA Team.Continue Reading
An innovative full screen slider website with every single element animated.Continue Reading
An elegant one page website where the navigation is done by a sophisticated scrolling animation.Continue Reading
A very personal, clean and responsive design,  featuring a customised audio player and a news section.Continue Reading
A bilingual website that accepts payments using PayPal. To enhance the visual appeal we used  a  video gallery, an  image gallery and a slider.Continue Reading
A smooth design that reveals its’ beauty little by little reflecting the peaceful characteristics of the website content. An amazing responsive effect!Continue Reading